As a performer...

'Robert Castell, who co-wrote the show with Tom Sadler, steals every scene his Esteve is in, thanks to his expressive features and clown’s sensibilities towards physical humour' - Steve Bennett, Chortle, 2010

'Rob Castell imbues Sir Henry with a buffoonish charm' - British Theatre Guide, 2016

'Castell is wonderful as the sultry Esteve, pouting endlessly and oozing dubious Catalan charm' - Paul Vale, The Stage, 2010

'All multi-task madly, and Rob Castell is very good value' - Caroline Mcginn, Time Out, 2011

'the charismatic Rob Castell' - Julian Hall, The Independent, 2011

'strangely sexy' - Totally Theatre, 2010

As a writer...

'Rob Castell provides a series of catchy music hall numbers designed to further the plot whilst reminding the audience that they are watching a Victorian theatrical extravaganza' - British Theatre Guide, 2016

'Composer Rob Castell supplies a jolly stream of music-hall numbers and puts in a fine turn himself' - Guardian, 2016

'a talented eight-strong cast who were also strong musically, singing and instruments to beautiful new music by Rob Castell' - Daily Echo, 2015

'Writers Rob Castell and Tom Sadler and their co-performers Lara Stubbs and Pete Sorel-Cameron sing beautifully, whether singly or in close harmony' - Dominic Maxwell, The Times, 2011

'Excellent music and lyrics by Rob Castell and Tom Sadler' - Charles Spencer, The Telegraph, 2011

'It's delivered with real skill and verve by Barbershopera, whose four-part harmonies come with some classy lyrics and terrific vocals' - Lyn Gardner, The Guardian, 2011




BAFTA Awards 2013                                                                             

Officially Amazing - NOMINATED - Best Children's Entertainment Show                                       - WINNER - RTS Scotland, Best Children's Show

Musical Theatre Matters - Edinburgh Fringe Festival                          

2012                                                                                                    Barbershopera: The Three Musketeers                                                      Best Book with Tom Sadler and Sarah Tipple         

2010                                                                                                  Barbershopera: Apocalypse No!                                                                  Best Lyrics with Tom Sadler                                                                         Best Book with Tom Sadler and Sarah Tipple

2009                                                                                          Barbershopera: The Barber of Shavingham                                              Best Lyrics with Tom Sadler

2008                                                                                              Barbershopera: Toni & The Guys                                                             Best Lyrics with Tom Sadler                                                                    Most Promising New Musical with Tom Sadler and Sarah Tipple


Daegu International Musical Festival, South Korea

2010                                                                                            Barbershopera: The Barber of Shavingham                                             Best Actor


Guardian Student Media Awards, London

2005                                                                                                      Student Travel Writer of the Year